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What is a Power Session? 

Power Sessions are the conversations of successful people. Everyone wants and desires to do more and to become what they were created to be, but some are missing their purposes because they have not had the right conversations that give them what they need to succeed.

Power sessions are 15-30 minute conversations that are focused around specific areas of development and growth. Tools are given during the powersession that increase; your functionality, visibility, and overall release the amplified plan of your purpose.

Most people would run with purpose if they could fully understand how to find their purpose and develop a plan to reach after it. Frequently in the pursuit of purpose, we are taken off guard by such things as; bills, family, feeling and emotions. Learning through the power sessions, gives us the tools needed to overcome every obstacle that distracts us during our journey of following purpose.
What can I expect from a Power Session

Each Power Session is designed with you in mind. How you think, how you feel, how you respond, and how you believe.

Power Sessions
usually start with the introduction of a topic that you may or may not feel needs to be addressed within. Usually we have found that even in areas, that we may think we have grown or may not need development, as the onion is peeled back during the power session is it revealed, how we all need certain areas addressed and readdressed to develop us to become where we are going.

Power Sessions normally end with a challenge to do something different and presenting the action of accountability to hold the community of Purposed People, responsible to one another for growth and development.

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It is clear by now that Purpose is the most important revelation that one could come upon. Without purpose, everything exists, exist for no reason. 

Helping you, and others connect with purpose means that we must continuously design and create impactful tools to help those on the journey. We appreciate all donations and gifts as you make your choice to partner with purpose. 

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  1. Day 3 | Take Action
    Day 3 | Take Action
    1. Manage Reaction time. 2. Remove toxic people from News Feed. 3. Set Reminders to redirect your focus.
  2. DAY 1| Take Action
    DAY 1| Take Action
    1. Understand what Motivates you. 2. Define what/who occupys your mind. 3. Define the purpose for your life.
  3. Day 2 | Take Action
    Day 2 | Take Action
    1. Recognize your own worth. 2. Limit time spent listening to negative sources. 3. Set a plan of action towards purpose.
  4. Day 4| Take Action
    Day 4| Take Action
    Will be given tomorrow.
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