The Threefold Ministry of Michael Curtis
The intertwining of Home, the church and the world

The Ministry at Home.

Michael Curtis is many things to many people but foremost he is a father, a son, a brother, uncle cousin and friend…

His ministry at home is to provide, to protect, to teach and to be an example. He balances being stern while being compassionate. “I am constantly training my son.” Michael encompasses who he is, with what he does.

The Ministry at Church.

“When it comes to ministry at church, the words I think of are reorganization and restructure”.

At one point, Michael recognized that as a pastor, he was trying to move a ‘derailing locomotive piece by piece back on the track that it was originally intended to ride on.’ His preaching and teaching is purposed to reorganize the mindset of the church. Moving ‘religiously’ the church has neglected the true kingdom citizenship. He teaches the church to study and pray the Word of God, to encompass the full plan of God,  to reconnect the components of the missing parts of life and humanity.

Ministry in the world.

“The world is in a broken stance because there is hopelessness, and hunger for more. When the tool that is needed (church) has become a place of pain, it is difficult to fulfill the hunger and the need.”

Michael works feverishly to repair breaches, bridges and to close gaps between the world and the church. He helps people to see who the true church is. Church is not designed to be hurtful, judgemental, damaging, or to devalue who anyone is. His ministry is to remind the world or who they are, who they can be in God, and how much He welcomes them.

The Intertwining Ministry between church and the world

“The church tells the world to come to us, but when they come, we, the church,  tell people how imperfect they are.”

The church tells people what is wrong but doesn't say how to get right. For some, the experience of going to church can be compared to a visit at a dentist's office. “People know there is a problem, but they are afraid to come. They are afraid that when they get there, they will be examined to point out everything that is wrong. There is a process of extracting the negative, but it leaves people with gaps because the church is not supplying the resources to close the gaps."

Michael’s ministry between the world and the church is not to try to make the world feel comfortable, but to provide such a level of hope that they have no problems seeking out wholeness. When the church is healed on the inside, it will be the solution and the process that the world wants to be a part of.

Michael Curtis is the Senior Pastor of The Sanctuary RIC. He is the Bishop, Founder  and Presiding Prelate of the City of Refuge for all People (CORFAP).   



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